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sledger Globalization with Centrality and CTIA

sledger service

What is sledger?

sledger is the bridge between real economy and cryptocurrency

The security concerns of blockchain wallets exchanges are the biggest obstacles to accelerating blockchain ecosystems
sledger is a wallet platform which provides the most secure and consolidated coin storage and exchange service based upon global security compliance certification(ISO27001, ISMS).
We provide coin investors and users equal/better level of compliance as major banks/institutions

sledger Wallet

sledger Wallet

Absolute Safe Wallet [ISO 27001 & ISMS]

  • No risk of Main Server being hacked.
  • Private Key is stored freely on E-mail, USB, HDD

Web Wallets are vulnerable, and Hardware Wallets are inconvenient.Furthermore, all Private Key management was 100% User responsibility.

sledger now provides a safer cryptocurrency exchange environment which meets the global security compliance compared to previous wallets.

  • Meets Compliance Standard

    Internal Leak and Human Error regulated by Security Compliance and 3rd Party Authentication

  • Network Seperation

    Global Security Certification that prevents external hackings constructed equivalent to the security level of Korean major banks*sledger possesses Original Patent regarding Network Separation

  • Division

    Individual Key Division Storage eliminates leak risk

sledger ICO

Safe & Easy ICO Process

In 2017, $400 billion was hacked, which is more than 10% of total ICO investments

sledger provides a safe and convenient cryptocurrency exchange environment

  • A One-Stop ICO, starting from investment target selection to coin investment and token withdrawal.
  • Provides same UX environment level of online banks.
  • No security risk in ICO based on sledger Wallet
  • Perfect compliance by Integrated KYC Authentication and Login as well as Wallet Address/Name cross-check

sledger Payment Service

Pay when you want with your coins

Limitations such as card approval cancellation, payment commission, etc. exist when using Cryptocards.

sledger Wallet can be linked to your account for real-life economic activity easily when using sledger.

  • Credit card and utility bill payment are available by coins.
  • Transfer cycle and ratio of exchanged coins can be customized by user itself.
  • User selects coin type for payment itself
  • User selects coin type considering price fluctuation of specific coin

sledger Dapp Store

Enjoy all DApps easily with your coins

Specific coins are requested for using each Blockchain service.

Integrated payment possible in any Blockchain Service regardless of possessing coin type.

  • All Blochchain services available with possessing coin.
  • Rewards given to owner regarding contribution degree irrespective of coin type.
  • sledger Transaction Platform & Decoupling Architecture Construction
  • sledger based Coin Exchange System/ User’s Blockchain Service supported immediately

sledger Revenue Circulation System

Store your coins in sledger Wallet for sledger coin’s value enhancement!

Raise the value of sledger coin and receive various rewards by using sledger Wallet.

  • sledger Dapp Store
    Charge Fee

  • Financing Service

  • Coin Exchange
    Saving Cost

  • sledger Premium
    Charge Fee

  • sledger ICO

sledger Reward

  • sledger Coin

  • sledger Wallet

  • sledger

sledger Token

sledger Token Sale Policy

The total amount of SCV tokens to be issued is 10.7 billion tokens. Composition pool is as stated below.


  • Token Name


  • Token Supply


  • Token Symbol

    SCV(sledger Creates Value)

  • Technology


  • Token Features

    Multi-Utility Token

  • Accepted Currency


  • Hard Cap

    66,000 ETH

  • Soft Cap

    20,000 ETH

Token Supply & Distribution

sledger Token Allocation

  • Token Sales

  • Founder & Team

  • Marketing

  • Advisor & Partner

  • Reserve

Use of Funds

  • Security System & Engineering

  • Strategic Partnership

  • Marketing & Biz Dev

  • Operation

  • Reserve

Road Map

sledger Project Service Construction observes external legislation environment change and is to be gradually progressed by sustainable interaction with the community to achieve the best results.

  • Phase 1

    2018. 4Q

    Whitepaper Release / ICO

    Whitepaper release and ICO issuance for sledger Project

  • Phase 2

    2019. 2Q

    sledger Wallet Open

    sledger Project’s ecosystem “sledger Wallet” constructed reflecting the high concern of Cryptocurrency’s safe storage

  • Phase 3

    2019. 3Q

    sledger Payment Service Open

    sledger Payment Service provided for coin asset to be used in real-life without any inconvenience and enhance practical value of cryptocurrency

  • Phase 4

    2019. 4Q

    sledger Dapp Store Open

    sledger Dapp Store Service allows exchange of his/her tokens easily to specific Blockchain services’ tokens


The following is the introduction of sledger's diverse partners

  • Most public confident and biggest Blockchain venture in Oceania / artnership and affiliation with Wanda Group and AWS(Amazon Web Service) / anages more than 100 employees, the largest labor force among Blockchain ventures / ore than 8,000 investors participated during ICO, and $100 million raised solely by funding / ossesses more than 15 DApp ecosystems including decentralized exchange market SINGULRX

    Has partnership with sledger, in which being Korea’s first Centrality DApp.

  • Most prestigious Blockchain consulting firm in Japan / Successful supervision of ICOs including ADA, Centrality, etc. / First to introduce TGE(Token Generating Event) in Japan / Affiliate of Japan’s only ICO magazine “Monthly ICO”

    First Korean firm to proceed ICO funding in Japan.

  • Most successful Blockchain investment company in EU / Investment institution specialized in money audit and risk analysis evaluation regarding legislation, tax, etc. / Blockchain investment standard consulting compliance with BCP(Blockchain Crypto Property)’s investment suitability / Successful ICO sales including CENTRALITY, ARDA, SYLO, PLUG.

    First to proceed GLOBAL ICO at BLOCKHAUS in Korea.

  • Patent holder of Network Separation technology / Business Area: Smart Banking system, Fintech application (Annual Revenue US$ 6 Million) / (Customer: K Bank / Hyundai Card / Suhyup Bank / NH Bank / BC Card / IBK Bank, etc)

  • Consulting company specialized in Application Architect, Software Quality & Performance

  • Digital Bank / Smart City / Fintech consulting based in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore

  • P2P Lending company with Alternative Scoring Platform. Registered member of Korea P2P Finance Institution